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Henderson County Family YMCA Endowment Program

The Young Men's Christian Association was started in London, England by Sir George Williams in 1844. By 1851, Y's had spread to Montreal, Canada and Boston, Mass., and the Y movement spread rapidly across the United States. The Henderson County Family YMCA was founded in 1894 and has been responsive to changing needs and providing life-changing programs and services to Henderson County residents, both male and female, of all ages ! This YMCA is dedicated to building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.

The Henderson County Family YMCA has been meeting needs of countless numbers of people throughout Henderson County for 110 years! Generation after generation of men, women, and children, of all ages, have played, worked out, socialized and learned together at the YMCA. Many members that are current volunteer leaders here at the Y, grew up with the YMCA, and want to see those same opportunities exist for future youth, so they can become our next leaders ! By becoming a member of the Y Heritage Club, you will be making a commitment that will help ensure the future delivery of existing and new programs, provide scholarships for youth and families, and services for the needy and for our community. With each passing year, as more friends of the Y decide to include the YMCA in their annual giving, and in their estate or will plans, the YMCA will build long-range financial stability, enabling the YMCA to continue to meet the needs of Henderson County residents. Income from the Endowment fund, overseen by an Endowment Committee, but managed and invested by professional investors, will be used each year to benefit thousands of our county youth, teens, adults, senior citizens and families!

YMCA programs and services that are provided to Henderson County residents, will undoubtedly change over time so that the YMCA may continue to address and meet the community needs, but the YMCA Mission will remain unchanged: "To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all". "That no person(s) shall be denied access to programs, services or membership, due to an inability to pay." This past year, our YMCA awarded over $318,000 in scholarships to over 2,600 people, that helped underwrite the fees for YMCA programs and membership!

The Heritage Club is a special group of people who believe in the mission of the Henderson County Family YMCA and want to ensure that valuable life-changing programs and services will be continued for future generations!

Becoming a member of the Heritage Club requires a commitment which now and/or in the future, will add to the Y's Endowment Fund. There are a variety of gift options available to qualify for the Heritage Club. We hope you will consider making an annual gift, as well as one of the long term financial commitments below. Outright Gifts Cash, stocks, land, homes, jewelry, cars, boats, etc Life By naming the YMCA as Insurance owner, primary or the contingent beneficiary of a new or existing policy. Will Bequest Designating the YMCA for a percentage of the donor's estate or a specific amount. Charitable Gifts with life income retained Trust by the donor; charitable remainder unitrust. Gift Annuity trusts, pooled income trusts and other trusts, life estate, revocable living trusts.

Bequests and gifts may be made to the Henderson County Family YMCA, for any stated purposes so designated by the donor, or for the general purpose of the YMCA, with or without restrictions. All permanent funds may be named in honor of the donor of nominee, consistent with the purpose of the YMCA. Donors may specify whether the principal may also be applied, in whole or in part, to a designated project, program or area. The wishes indicated by donors will be meticulously observed by the Endowment Development Committee of the Henderson County Family YMCA, it�s Board and staff. It will be the practice of the Henderson County Family YMCA, for donor designated gifts, to use only the income from such gifts, and not the principal, for existing and new programs, scholarships and meeting community needs now and in the future. The Endowment Development Committee will place all donor designated gifts in the designated endowment fund, where the objective will be to use only the income from interest earned, not the principal. All gifts that are undesignated, the Board will decide which fund to invest the gift in.

The YMCA Endowment Fund is overseen by the Endowment Development Fund Committee, but managed and invested by local professional investors The fund is in its beginning stages, even though the YMCA has been the fortunate recipient of several Trust and Estate gifts in recent years. The YMCA Board of Directors has the responsibility for approving all policies as they relate to the Endowment Fund; the Endowment Development Fund Committee has the responsibility for overseeing the management and investment of the fund by professional fund managers, who operate under established and approved guidelines. The Henderson County Family YMCA has been approved by the IRS as a public non- profit charity under the Internal Revenue Code, as an organization described in section 501 (c) (3). Gifts to establish or increase a Philanthropic Fund, within the YMCA, are tax deductible, subject to limitations imposed by the code. Donors receive a charitable tax deduction for the year in which the gift is made, even if the distribution of the gift from the fund takes place in future years. If the gift consist of appreciated securities, capital gains taxes may be avoided. Prospective donors should contact their tax advisor, lawyer, financial planner or trust managers for further details and benefits of making a gift to the YMCA Endowment Fund. For further information on the Y's Endowment Program. please contact YMCA CEO Sheldon Booze or any committee member.

In a world where so much comes and goes so quickly, the Henderson County Family YMCA has lasted for 116 years ! The Y is community and volunteer based, is professionally managed, and is positioned to respond and meet the changing needs and conditions of our community, now and in the future. Every day, the YMCA promotes the healthy development of children; provides positive role models and encourages constructive behavior in teens; promotes and develops values such as caring, responsibility, respect, honesty and compassion for self and others. Won�t you please give a gift today, to ensure the continued development of leaders for our next generation, by perpetuating the work of the Henderson County Family YMCA?

These individuals and families have enabled previous and present generations of youth and families from Henderson County, to benefit from their caring and generous planned gifts ! Thomas Lambert Trust; George A. Hoffman Trust; Julia B. Hayes Estate; Carlton Klutey Estate and Amelia K. Krieger Estate. These, as well as other gifts received recently, helped cover the costs of constructing the following recent facility additions: Youth Gym, Youth Fitness Center, Two Teen&Adult Fitness Centers; Women's Health Locker Room; Aerobic Exercise Room; Two Indoor Tennis Courts; Indoor Walk/Jog Track, a State of the Art Indoor Warm Water Therapy Pool, and a Social Recreation Center.

Gifts to the YMCA Endowment Fund will be recognized and listed in one of the qualifying categories, unless the donor indicates otherwise. Multiple year gifts will be recognized by an asterisks * Gifts from Wills, Trusts or Estates will be recognized in the year they are received. Gifts of Property, Jewelry, etc.. will be recognized at the time they are sold. *Gifts of $1,000 or more will qualify to attend both free events and will be recognized on the Donors Wall in the main lobby of the YMCA and listed on the Y's Endowment stationary. DONOR: $1 - $99 PATRON: $100 - $499 SUSTAINER: $500 - $999 PARTNER: $1,000 - $2,499* BENEFACTOR: $2,500 - $4,999 AMBASSADOR: $5,000 - $9,999 PHILANTHROPIST: $10,000 +

It is the hope of the YMCA, with the support of the YMCA Board of Directors, Staff, Members, Individuals, Families and Community Businesses, thru annual gifts and long range financial planned gifts, that $1 million dollars in principal can be realized no later than the year 2014. This amount would help raise over $100,000 per year in interest, that would help continue with providing youth and family scholarships; help support existing and new programs; provide services for the needy, and be less dependent on external funding in the future.

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Henderson County Family YMCA Mission
To put Christian principles into practice through programs, services, and facilities that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

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